Nadiyah Aziz

A personal message from Umar's mum

Hi Everyone

Euroz Big Walk 2020 for Perth Children Hospital is back again and my friends and I are excited to be participating in this wonderful event.

I've created this page because I want to make a difference. I'm inspired by how the Perth Children's Hospital Foundation helps transform the lives of sick children and young people in WA.

Our 'Umar' has been a PCH patient for more than a year now - once diagnosed with failure to thrive and eczema as a baby.

With the help and guidance from the dedicated staff at PCH, (the dietician, the registered nurses, HITH, Consumables dept, dermatologist, allergists, Green Medical Team, Physiotherapist, Speech Pathologist, Early Intervention team and not forgetting the wonderful volunteers at Fun on Four), Umar has shown big improvements.

From not being able to sit and not being able to crawl when he was first admitted, Umar is running now! Umar will be joining the Big Walk too!

The medical team at Perth Children Hospital are a really passionate and dedicated awesome bunch of people, all out to improve the lives of the children.

Participating in the event is our way of contributing back to the hospital. And you can help us too!

Please help us (Team Umar) raise funds to improve the health outcomes of these children in WA by making a donation using the "Sponsor Us" button, or by clicking the panel on the right. Every donation counts!

Thank you for your generosity and thank you for taking some time to read. ♡

With lots of love,
Umar's Mum (Norsahidah)

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Thank you to my Sponsors



All the best in all yr endeavour- luv cik KAR &HAR



All the best Nadiyah! Proud of you - cik lamah


Nadiyah Aziz



I love you so much Nadiyah.