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Hi All! Im doing the Euroz Big Walk In March. Two reasons for this,
1. I am so grateful to have two beautiful healthy children. I want to be able to raise money for those gorgeous kids sick, stuck in hospitals on the daily, raise money for their families who are going through things i can only imagine.

2. Ive been on a real health/fitness journey. I hadnt publically posted about it, but if kids can go through what they do every day and be brave, the least i can do is be brave enough to push aside my fear of judgement, to discuss my weight loss journey.
After life, trauma and general stress impacted my life in a lot of ways, i gained a lot of weight. Enough was enough for me middle of last year, i didnt love who i was, i struggled to do basic things, i had no self confidence and wanted to be healthy for my kids. Run around with them. Really appreciate my time with them.. This bought on the choice to have sleeve surgery almost 3 months ago. Since then i have lost 26kgs, 71cms and 4 dress sizes. Everyday im gaining my confidence back, feeling proud of myself and i can play with the kids and not feel like i might pass out. 😂 over all, just living a healthier happier life for me and my family. I still have a way to go, and its in no way the easy option physically, mentally or emotionally but i wouldnt change it for the world.
So, in saying all of that.

I chose to do this walk, something to help me with my fitness, to challenge me ( given i havent done this much in a long time ) and to give to those that need it. Its the start of many so stay tuned for more!

If your still with me through this post and you want to donate to my fundraiser please click the link! I really appreciate it.

Big Love,

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Good job on your fundraising and enjoy taking part it’s a great cause. Xxx


Kandy Boyd

You. Are. Amazing! You have so got this ❤❤


Stevens Family


Jenni Turner


Debbie Highes

So proud of you Lani. You are an inspiration 💕


Joanne Finn

Good luck sweet girl! You’ll be amazing at the walk and good luck with your fundraising. Xxx


Anne Cranley

Good luck Lani & thank you for having a go at helping those that aren’t as fortunate as you.


Loretta Hofman

Good on you Lani , very proud of you on this journey xo



Proud of you x


Jenny Elgey


Michelle Murphy


Donna Turner



There’s your goal hit girl!


Christine Mattys

You go girl, you can do anything you set your mind to ❤️


Danielle Boyd

Proud of you Lani ❤ sorry it couldnt be more


Lani Turner